- Enter Mytv Code -

To set up and link your, you need the six-digit amazon myTV code displayed on your screen when you try to watch any channel or stream videos. Register your compatible device with the amazon myTV account and enjoy streaming videos and channels. Amazon prime video is a paid streaming device that can access with the help of the activation link

Therefore, It gives users a wide range of entertainment like video streaming, shows, movies, and many more. Users need to register or join the membership to access the amazon prime video.

The Process of activation

Amazon Prime Video could check out the way to trigger amazon prime video mytv in your smart device. A prime movie activation code is needed for the activation procedure. So that, You're able to make the amazon/code in your smart device utilizing along with the prime movie program. When you receive the code, put in your code, and also, the prime video will be triggered in a couple of seconds. How to get the amazon prime activation code?

You must start the program first to get your unique Amazon Activation code should you visit Amazon Prime on your TV. When you attempt to activate an alternate system for evaluation, it will be issued to you personally. Obtaining a Prime Demo, as an example, Whatever the Activation Code contraption. To complete the activation procedure, put it in or at the point in which you receive the Amazon prime code.

Enjoy Amazon Prime on your smart TV via

When you bought a smart tv, you might see some built applications like NetFlix and amazon prime video. Those applications will not work until you activate amazon through primevideo mytv. Below are the steps to activate your amazon prime with ease.

  1. First, you have to go to the main screen of your smart tv.
  2. Then click on the amazon prime app.
  3. Now you will see a screen showing a 6 digit code.
  4. After that, go to the official website
  5. Now, Enter your details like email and password and create an account.
  6. Then enter the amazon mytv activation code in the required field.
  7. It will take 5-10 seconds to verify your details with the subscription.
  8. After the success message, you are good to go with your amazon prime video.